The battlefield of Grundwald

Battle museum of Grunwald

Being in northern Poland, take a trip to the field of the famous battle of Grundwald and visit the nearby museum.
From Mondays to Sundays (except Wednesdays), there are projections available at the museum cinema (included in the ticket price).

It is possible to organize a stay at the Grunwald Fields according to the special request of the ordering party. The valuation of an individual order consists of the costs of the ordered attractions and a fixed fee of 10% on the priced event, constituting service and media costs.

Additional offers offered on the Grundwald battlefields:

  • archery
  • walk through the fields with torches
  • organization of an outbreak (menu of a medieval feast to be agreed in the restaurant),
  • music band (early music, folk, rock, covers), theater of fire (Draco, WENA), stilts group OKNO,
  • horse riding shows,
  • artillery show.

Przed przyjazdem warto zapoznać się z kalendarzem realizowanych przez Muzeum wydarzeń kulturalnych.


IThe staging, commemorating the clash at the Grunwald Fields from 1410, takes place every year in the Grunwald Fields. In this exceptional historical spectacle participate over 2,000 knights from Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and even from the United States. Their staged battle watch over 100,000 viewers each year. In the knights’ camps, which can be seen a few days before the clash, there are the conditions of medieval life are visible.

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