Historical city of Morag

1. Dohn Palace housing the Museum of J. G. Herder

The Dohn Palace is in the center of the town Morąg. It was erected in the 16th century by burgrave Achacy Dohn. The present appearance of the palace is the result of its reconstruction and modification in the 18th century, when it was given a Baroque character.
Currently, the palace houses the Museum J. G. Herder, which is a branch of the Museum of Warmia and Masuria with its headquarters in Olsztyn. German philosopher and poet Johann Gottfried von Herder was one of the most prominent inhabitants of Morąg. He was born in 1744 in Morąg, and died in 1803 in Weimar, where he was one of the four main writers and representatives of his time, alongside such famous artists as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Schiller or Christoph Martin Wieland.

Apart from a few permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are also presented in the museum, e.g. “Souvenirs of the Napoleonic campaign in East Prussia 1807”. The palace has a rich exhibition of Dutch paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries too.
There is an 18th-century sundial composed of about dozen clocks in front of the Dohn Palace building.

2. The town hall from the 14th century

The town hall in Morąg was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style. Throughout history, the building has been burned many times and was rebuilt. From the Middle Ages, it was the seat of the Mayor and City Council. Despite many reconstructions, the medieval character of the town hall has been preserved. The rectangular shape of the brick building, with two strongly fragmented gables, is topped by a roof with a slender clock tower. From 1914, the cannons from the Prussian-French War in 1870-1871 were placed in front of the town hall. Nowadays the Town Hall houses the Wedding Hall, the Chamber of Historic Memory in Morąg and the Tourist Information Point and Art Gallery.

In front of the town hall there is a monument commemorating Saint Pope John Paul II.

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