Church of Saint Lipka

Church of Saint Lipka, famous sanctuary of Saint Mary with historical pipe organs and organ concerts

Święta Lipka (German: Heiligelinde) is a village located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in the Kętrzyn poviat, in the Reszel commune.

One of the most famous Marian sanctuaries in Poland is located here. Basilica grounded after the heavenly vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary along with a cloister and a monastery is one of the most important Baroque monuments in northern Poland.

The beginnings of the cult of the Virgin Mary in Święta Lipka date back to the 14th century. According to an oral legend, a convict imprisoned in the dungeons of the church in Kętrzyn, who was waiting for execution, experienced the apparition of Saint Mary who gave him a piece of wood. He carved in this wood Her figurine together with the Child. After the sculpture had been made, he was released, and the figurine hung on the first encountered lime tree near the road from Kętrzyn to Reszel. The sculpture of the Mother of God with the Child was famous for miracles. With time, a chapel was built around the lime tree, and later a church.

The pipe organs in the sanctuary are unique. They were built in 1719-1721 by an organ master from Królewiec (Kaliningrad), Jan Josue Mosengel. The instrument has 40 voices with a baroque sound. The beautiful pipe organ graced with many ornaments is one of the most magnificent Baroque prospectuses in Europe. The casing is decorated with a golden ornament of acanthus leaves. The statues of angels playing musical instruments are placed on the finials of the towers. The two tallest towers are the Mother of God and the Archangel Gabriel. These two figures together with the dove – symbol of the Holy Spirit, constitute a group of the Annunciation. These sculptures together with the stars and bells on the towers are set in motion while playing the instrument.
There are organ concerts and pipe organ presentations for groups organized extra for tourists.

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